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Boost Your Profits by Accepting Cards at Conventions and Trade Shows

April 12 2016 | By Helen Baginska

Conferences, expos, trade shows, and conventions aren’t just for exhibiting products and networking. Many shows also offer an opportunity to sell products directly, or take orders from eager visitors. In the past, most exposition merchants operated on a cash-only basis, but today it would be hard to find an exhibitor who does not have a wireless terminal or a mobile swiper. If you are a vendor who makes a living traveling from one convention to another, a more professional approach to processing will improve credibility while assuring that you aren’t losing the profit margin.

The ideal solution for processing involves a traditional credit card terminal with built-in wireless software, attached to your merchant account. As a vendor, you will have more credibility than similar sellers who may be still using old credit card “knuckle busters”. You will also have the opportunity to pay lower rates and fees on card-present transactions than you would if you had to key in the card number manually upon returning to the office. The ability to print a receipt is also important as it leaves a paper trail and makes it easier to fight chargebacks when you have a signature on a receipt.

The wireless solution is great for craft fairs, antique shows, farmer’s markets and all kinds of delivery services. As your company’s sale volume grows, the business case for a portable credit card terminal becomes clearer. You can also use the terminal as a backup at your shop or office, and then take it on the road for special events or sales calls. Buyers who may not have sufficient cash for an impulse purchase will happily use their credit card if moved by the spirit of the event.

No matter where your business takes you, a credit card terminal attached to a merchant account goes a long way for you and your credibility. Give us a call and learn more about Pivotal Payments’ wireless solution!

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