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Highlights from the 2014 CNP Expo

May 23 2014 | By Pam Mukiama


The 2014 CNP Expo was an exciting event for Pivotal Payments because we got to formally introduce GlobalOne, a powerful payment gateway and global acquiring platform that helps merchants increase revenue, reduce operating costs and reach a global clientele.

The card-not-present community was the perfect place to demo the power behind GlobalOne because it was built with global e-commerce in mind. A single point of integration provides access to 60+ processing currencies, connectivity into 130+ networks and banks and the ability to accept all major forms of electronic payments, including local and alternative methods. For merchants with global aspirations, GlobalOne is the perfect platform through which to charge into emerging markets and pursue growth opportunities. Learn more at

There was a great deal to be learnt from three days of panel discussions, product demos and exhibits and we've done our best to sum it up with 10 easy to digest, quirky snippets for those of you who missed out. Enjoy!

  1. PCI Compliance Standards
    "The standards tell you to lock the door every day, but they don't lock the door for you."
    - Bob Russo, PCI Security Standards Council

  2. Mobile Security
    "You have to look at balancing usability and control. Scanning your face to get a cup of coffee may work in a vacuum in downtown San Francisco, but it's not going to take off in the rest of the world."
    - Shaunt Sarkissian, Cortex MCP

  3. Mobile Wallets
    "No one is walking around complaining about how heavy and cumbersome their wallet is. For the mobile wallet to be relevant, it will need to really simplify shopping and incorporate payment, coupons, shipping and the like to make the experience significantly more convenient."
    - Jack Stephenson, First Data

  4. Big Data
    "You need to have an exploration mindset and watch for patterns to emerge."
    - Eric Thompson, EMC

  5. Gift Cards
    "If you want to offer digital gift cards, come up with a good marketing program. Don't do it just because everyone else is."
    - Pete Kledaras, CashStar

  6. Credit Card Fraud
    "If there was a positive thing to come out of the Target breach (and that's a big 'if'), it is an increase in general consumer awareness of credit-card fraud and data protection."
    - TJ Horan, FICO

  7. Subscription Billing
    "You need the freedom to go out there with whatever combination of pricing plans your marketers may not have conceived."
    - Jon Edelstein, Greater Than Solutions

  8. EMV
    "It's time to get out of the magnetic stripe era."
    - Jimmy Scarborough, BOA Merchant Services

  9. Social Fraud
    "We don't turn red customers away; we still ask them to sign in so you can see if they have phished our customers or accessed their account, and then we can contact that customer and have a good customer service moment while shutting that fraudster down."
    - Jim Houlihan, Orbitz

  10. Chargeback's
    "Compelling evidence of friendly fraud can also be found in IP addresses, past purchases and email addresses, which retailers should send to banks with a note indicating the compelling nature of the evidence."
    - Michael Mallon, Accertify

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