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Halloween Ideas for Your Business

October 13 2016 | By Helen Baginska

Holiday season is always a great opportunity to draw attention to your business. You can bring extra revenue by attracting more shoppers with spooky, Halloween-themed decorations and Halloween related contests. According to National Retail Federation in 2015, 70% of surveyed adults (18 to 40 years old) handed out candy, 47% carved a pumpkin, 70% wore a costume, 36% visited a haunted house and 52% threw or attended a party.

Decorate your place of business

The statistics show that Halloween is not only for children anymore. An average Canadian spends over $150 on different Halloween activities. Decorating your place of business for Halloween is not expensive and is an effective way to get customers’ attention during holidays. You can buy all supplies at the local dollar store or even make them yourself. Making decorations could be a fun team building activity for your employees that will definitely help to bring out that holiday spirit.

Host an event or a contest

Organize a photo contest and have your customers post their best Halloween costume pictures. Create a hashtag for your contest and ask your patrons to tag your business and your contest on their social media. Host a Halloween themed event and invite people to participate and win prizes.

Make your website and social media spooky

Use a Halloween theme to make your social media and your website spooky! Add a spider web or a pumpkin to your logo and graphics.  Create unique and engaging content. For example, you could post a list of interesting Halloween facts or offer to take a spooky quiz to test their knowledge of villains.  

Offer deals and discounts

Offer Halloween themed deals and discounts. Give out candy with each purchase and add tickets to a haunted house tour with each large order. Don’t forget to promote these activities through your social media.

Team up with other businesses in the neighborhood

Get the owners of other businesses in your area involved in Halloween celebrations. Make your block “the place to be” for trick-or-treaters and drive that foot traffic into your neighborhood. Throw a costume party and invite everyone. This will create a positive image that your patrons and potential new customers will not forget.   

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