MONTREAL and PLANO, Texas, October 23, 2018 – Pivotal Payments, a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions, announces that beginning today, the company will operate under the new brand name of Nuvei.

The rebrand reinforces the company’s dedication to its partners, creating the first-ever community of payment experts. Read More

Nuvei’s fully-supported payment solutions, capabilities and people form the backbone of its fintech network, with the goal of promoting and advancing its partners’ success.

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When a partner told me our branding solutions helped them grow their business over 200%, it reminded me…

July 26 2017 | By Benjamin Bergeron-Osajie

When a partner told me our solutions helped them drastically grow their business, it reminded me: most Canadian processors make it practically impossible for ISOs to build their brand. He said this is an unexploited business opportunity since Canadians typically don't like cookie cutter solutions from big box names. They want to connect with other Canadians. But if you’re selling someone else’s brand, you simply can’t get merchants to relate to YOU. 

While all the other processors tell ISOs they can’t put their name or logo on paperwork, communications, terminals, etc., he was happy to have found us and be able to market under his own brand. It astonishes me that no one else is offering this in Canada! I’m incredibly proud we do, and have invested $20 million in our Canadian ISO program to include a truly complete branding offering to help ISOs’ elevate their brands.

We offer our registered partners a branded web application tool, merchant applications, white labelled merchant communications, branded shipping packages and terminal stickers and a branded online portal where merchants access reporting and statements. We also provide 24/7 white label customer service with a dedicated toll free line. Additionally, Pivotal can support partners who are looking to invest in branding thanks to sponsorship programs that can pay up to 100% of the annual registration fees.

So if you're stuck in a processor's “box” - we need to have a talk. You’re the one selling the service, it’s about time you have your own name on the front of what you’re selling. 

Call us at 1-888-523-6833 or visit our Canadian ISO program  


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