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Talents of Pivotal Payments: Little Blue Egg, A Blog About Crafts

December 6 2017 | By Helen Baginska

Robin Chowaniec is a documentation specialist at Pivotal Payments. She is also the person behind the Little Blue Egg blog, about crafts and all kinds of cool DIY ideas.

Robin comes from a long line of bakers. Everyone in her family bakes and they are very good at it! When Robin first created her profile on Facebook, she started posting pictures of amazing cupcakes and pastries she had made, along with the photos of interesting crafts she was working on. She had so many great things to share that her husband suggested she start a separate blog. That’s how Little Blue Egg was born 10 years ago.

Robin says that crafting is a great way to spend time with family and friends. Instead of being constantly plugged into their phones, friends come together and have fun creating cool things. It’s also very calming and therapeutic. Robin says crafting helps her to release stress and to channel her energy into a creative outlet. She suggests you give it a try as well.

Have a look at her creations to get inspired!


Facebook: Littleblueegg

Instagram: Littleblueegg


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