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Merchant Spotlight: Creative Avenues of Design

June 20 2017 | By Helen Baginska

Meet Alyce Drenth

Creative Avenues of Design is well known in Toronto and especially in North York area where the business is located. They offer a wide range of design services, including space planning, colour consultation, complete renovation, contracting and custom construction. Whether clients are looking for a special piece to accent the living room or they are building from the ground up, Creative Avenues of Design can help to create a perfect space that reflects their clients’ individual tastes.

Creative Avenues of Design has been a Pivotal Payments client for a while now, and we were very happy to get an opportunity to sit down with the owner, Alyce Drenth, and ask her to share her success story with other merchants. Alyce is an inspirational woman full of energy and enthusiasm. She has been in the industry for over 30 years, building her business reputation on the foundation of consistent quality and style. She says her secret to success is simple: she listens to her clients and takes time to learn what they like. This way she can easily transform an abstract idea into a real project. Word of mouth and a job well done are the key elements of her strategy.

It is always interesting to get the whole story, so we were curious to find out how Alyce got into this industry. She told us that back in the day she took a test at school to figure out which career path she should take. The test results were surprisingly diverse. They showed that she should be either a lawyer or an interior designer.  The choice was obvious. Having a creative mind, Alyce made the decision to study design.


Mass media designer TV shows promote the image of know-it-all designers that are all about the rules. These designers claim to know exactly how the space should look and what the size, shape and color each piece should be. Where is the place for creativity then? And where is the place for the customer’s vision?


Why spend time looking at other people’s home when it reflects their taste and not yours?  Your project is unique to you, and what suits other clients would not necessarily be a good fit for you.


There are new trends every year. However, there are some classic timeless pieces that you can never go wrong with. Alyce regularly participates in the trade shows around the world and brings the best to her clients.


It is best to feel things out when working with new clients. It is important to see how they dress and to find out what movies they like or who their favourite artist is. It helps to get to know clients on a personal level as it allows creating something truly unique and specific to them and their taste.


Alyce handpicks all the furniture and home accessories for her store from collections around the world. She works with a well-known gallery in Georgia that buys the art globally. There are many designers coming to the store to look for unique pieces that they would not be able to find anywhere else.

It was a pleasure to get to know Alyce and her business! We invite you to get in touch with Creative Avenues of Design should you need designer services.

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