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Merchant Spotlight: A/Maze Escape Game

July 27 2017 | By Helen Baginska

We can’t stop being amazed by our merchants! They come up with brilliant business ideas and make their dreams a reality. We admire their entrepreneurial spirit, imagination and dedication. This month we sat down with Alexander Reverse, a young entrepreneur from Montreal, to find out how he built his successful and very interesting business, A/Maze Escape Game, from scratch.

A/Maze is a real life escape game. It all started with a single location in downtown Montreal. It has four rooms with distinct scenarios. In Mad Scientist Laboratory you and your team get to prevent the end of the world. In the Military Facility you get to save the planet from zombie apocalypse. In Prison Break you get to escape from death penalty. And in the Lost Temple you need to find the Mystic Idol.

Alex brought his idea from Vancouver where he first got to try this fun experience 3 years ago. He was so fascinated by the concept that he decided to give up his career as a videographer and graphic designer to pursue his new passion. Once he returned from Vancouver, he started working on his plan.  

While creating this ultimate adventure experience, Alex and his team got inspiration from anywhere they could: horror movies, abandoned construction sites, fiction stories from books, and real life stories as well. For example, for their brand new location in Ottawa, they took a real story of Guy Fawkes’ character, who in 1605 attempted to blow up the houses of parliament in London with barrels of gunpowder placed in the basement.   

A/Maze currently has 5 locations – three in Montreal, one is Calgary and a brand new one opening soon in Ottawa. Alex also owns Rage Academy, an axe throwing center in Montreal. There are 50 people working at the business including engineers and software development specialists.

A/Maze is a perfect team-building activity for any business. Once Air Transat employees spent 6 weeks at A/Maze solving puzzles and looking for clues! This allowed a psychologist hired by the company to evaluate the teams and understand how team members interacted and collaborated with each other.

It is a perfect activity for your company as well! Depending on the room you pick, the solve rate is anywhere from 5 to 40 percent. It involves a lot of decision making, which makes the team members work together, resulting in a great bonding experience. Head to the A/Maze website to find out more at and have fun exploring!


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