MONTREAL and PLANO, Texas, October 23, 2018 – Pivotal Payments, a leading provider of technology-driven global payment processing solutions, announces that beginning today, the company will operate under the new brand name of Nuvei.

The rebrand reinforces the company’s dedication to its partners, creating the first-ever community of payment experts. Read More

Nuvei’s fully-supported payment solutions, capabilities and people form the backbone of its fintech network, with the goal of promoting and advancing its partners’ success.

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How to Build Strong Relationships with Your Vendors and Business Partners

June 23 2017 | By Helen Baginska

You work with multiple suppliers and vendors every day and you rely on them to help you run your company’s daily operations smoothly. That’s why it is important to get to know your partners, develop trust and build strong business relationship for years to come.

Pivotal Payments works with a large number of vendors and suppliers. Many of them have been with us since day one. We value relationships with our business partners and suppliers and we want to share a few tips on how we keep these partnerships strong.

Build relationships

Strong business relationships are built on communication. When working with our vendors and partners, we voice our opinion, provide suggestions and raise concerns if needed. Open lines of communication and positive interactions create trust and strong rapport.    

Be respectful

Mutual respect is something that goes without saying. There is no place for disrespectful behavior in a B2B world. Staying professional at all times helps gain mutual respect and makes it easier to come to an understanding.  

Be fair and resolve conflicts

Business relationships like any other relationships in life can go through rough patches. We work on resolving the conflicts and clarifying misunderstandings with our vendors and suppliers in a productive way. We learn on our mistakes and move forward.


We learned a lot from our partners over the years. They are the experts in their field just like we are the experts in ours. It’s great that we can help each other grow and learn new things every day.

As a payment processor we are proud to be handling one of the important parts of your business – a cash flow in a form of daily credit and debit card sales deposits. Being able to accept plastic in today’s digital world is vital for any business and we are happy to be able to provide you with the means to process electronic payments to help you grow. We are proud to be your partner in the payment processing world and we thank you for your business!


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