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Event Marketing: Q&A with Shea

September 27 2016 | By Pam Mukiama

Shea Cooney, Marketing Manager at Pivotal Payments shares her perspective on what it takes to prepare for Payment Industry Tradeshows, and what she enjoys most about the entire process.

How long have you been organizing tradeshows?

Over 2 years now.

What do you like most about preparing for trade shows?

Being in the payment processing industry, tradeshows present a great opportunity to meet current and prospective clients. The shows provide an excellent forum for networking and learning, especially in an ever evolving industry like this!

Walk us through the process of preparing for a trade show?

First we identify the most relevant shows to attend then begin the following process:

1. Register for the show and coordinate with internal stakeholders.

2. Put together show information including: booth number, requirements for set up, what can and cannot be brought to the show.

3. Order supplies for our booth, which can range from carpet and furniture to wifi and electricity, or even food and beverages to hand out at the show.

4. Organize our team from a sales perspective. I plan and design giveaways, literature and sales collateral as well as crafting our message for show directories and advertisements.

5. Coordinate with everyone involved to ensure everything ends up where it should be in time for a successful show.

What are some of the challenges you face to ensure this all runs smoothly?

Logistics are a big challenge because materials (booths, easels etc.) need to be shipped across country depending on where the show is. For Pivotal, most of our shows are split between the US and Canada. Delays at customs sometimes mean that materials may not get to their intended destination on time. In such cases I have to improvise to makes things work because the show must go on!

Dealing with the different vendors who are involved in producing the show is also a challenge, but one I enjoy as it’s an opportunity to kick into project management mode and test my negotiation skills!

What do you enjoy most about trade shows?

I love attending shows so whenever I get the opportunity to, I jump at it. It’s an exciting environment made even more so by the opportunity to meet with the people for whom I craft messages and collateral. It’s great to see all the work the marketing department does in the background come to life.

What are some recent shows that you have worked on?

The Western States Acquirers Association just wrapped up on September 15th in Scottsdale, AZ. It was a great show that presented both educational and recruiting opportunities for our Partner services team. This particular show appeals to those interested in keeping up with payments in the western states including, agents, ISOs and banks.

Who can we contact for more information?

For more information on upcoming events please visit:

For information of our Partnership Program please visit:


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