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5 Reasons Your Business Should Offer Gift Cards

January 5 2018 | By Helen Baginska

If you didn't offer gift cards this past holiday season, you might have missed out on a great opportunity to boost your sales revenue. In 2015, around 73% of adult Americans purchased at least one gift card during holiday season. In Canada, 87% of adults have both purchased and received gift cards. The same research states that the majority of consumers enjoy receiving gift cards, because they can then pick the gift they really want. The benefits of having a gift card & loyalty program at your business are substantial! Let’s have a look.

  1. You Will Grow Your Customer Base

Your best clients who already love your products or services will gladly purchase your gift cards for their friends and family. It will allow those new customers to discover your business and perhaps become a loyal regular who would buy from you again and again.

  1. You Will Sell More

When a customer walks into a store with a $15 gift card, there’s a good chance that they will spend more than the value of the card. And if they love what they bought, they might add your brand into their consideration set going forward.

  1. You Will Raise Brand Awareness

People tend to talk about gifts they received from their friends, family or colleagues, so they will talk about your business with other people. They will tell friends what you sell and where you’re located, creating free exposure for your brand without you having to even advertise. Most likely, the card will stay in their wallets for days before customers actually make a purchase. They will be reminded of your company every day until they finally walk into your store.

  1. You Will Attract Last Minute Gift Shoppers

There is a fair share of consumers that leave gift shopping until the last minute. Those are the people that are likely to purchase your store’s gift cards. Offering gift cards will increase sales and it will also leave a good impression of your business that saved the day by helping them with a last minute gift.

  1. You Will Enhance Loyalty

Reloadable cards make it easy for regular customers to make purchases. They are also a better option than regular paper stamp cards. They look more professional and last longer than paper cards.

Pivotal Payments can get you up and running quickly and easily with a gift card solution that can boost your revenue and brand awareness. Give us a call at 1-877-441-4729 or email us at to find out more!


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