The holiday shopping season leading up to Christmas is the most important time of the year for most retail merchants. In most cases, sales during this period determine a business’ annual profit, so it is important that sales are maximized.

The key to maximizing sales is simple in theory. Make sure every customer in your store buys something or at the very least make sure those with an item in hand actually purchase it. But that’s not always easy during these peak periods when customer traffic is high and the rate of transacting is limited by the number of POS terminals available. Long line waits are a turn off to most and lead to lost sales. The goal is to prevent this, yet installing more POS terminals is not always an option due to a lack of space and budgetary constraints. The alternative is “line busting”, a fairly new weapon in the retail arsenal. This new tactic has game-changing implications for the way people buy and sell products.

A “line busting” approach makes it possible for roving salespeople to complete purchases anywhere on the premises, or even outside the store. Although there are cashiers in specific areas, this low-friction shopping feature is a great way to increase sales and reduce cart abandonment. The technology for line busting revolves around mobile points of sale, such as our PivotalMOBILE solution, and handheld checkout devices designed to expedite the purchase. Another great thing about it is that your customers have fewer chances for “second thoughts” on the way to the register.

For shoppers who want to get their items and go, line busting provides a true advantage, while it also satisfies those who enjoy the social aspect of interacting with store personnel. Thanks to mobile devices, any employee can turn customer engagement into a sale.

There are plenty of benefits of mobile credit card acceptance.

PivotalMOBILE is:

1. Easy. The mobile swiper is very easy to use. Just plug the swiper into a headphone jack on your smartphone and as long as your phone has reception, it’s ready to go!
2. Flexible. P-Mobile is great for seasonal businesses and as an added seasonal POS solution. You can use it when you need it and put it on the shelf for off-season – no additional cost.
3. Portable. Your clients will appreciate the convenience! Your PivotalMOBILE can be wherever your customers are. Use the swiper for line busting as well as for deliveries.
4. Affordable. The PivotalMOBILE technology is inexpensive which makes it perfect if you are only using it during the season or as a temporary solution.
5. Trackable. Immediate record of transaction makes it very easy to track your P-Mobile sales. Our advanced online reporting system Pivotal 360 gives you access to transactions, funding and statements.

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